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Accessibility Mystery: The Case Of The Missing Jump Nav

Felicia Van Every Article, Video

Often overlooked by sighted users, the convenience of a jump nav or sticky nav while browsing extensive food menus could mean the difference between being hungry and hangry. However, for blind users, cycling through each menu item to reach their desired food category can be frustrating, potentially driving them to switch to a more efficient app for a seamless experience. …

Accessibility Hurdles: Where Scheduling Takes More Than a Minute

Felicia Van Every Article, Video

This A11y App Review examines a previous version of the CVS app and its scheduling feature. It shows how improper widget labeling can confuse users and obscure essential information. Please note that CVS has redesigned its app interface as of this writing, but we still believe the lessons shown in the video are valuable to share. The Challenge: Upon selecting …

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Hear the Darkness: Experiencing a Solar Eclipse Without Sight

Felicia Van Every Article, Video

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse swept across North America. This rare event occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, casting a shadow on our planet and temporarily obscuring the sun’s light. For many, this is a special event to witness firsthand. However, for those who are blind or have low vision, experiencing the …

CVS App Renders Shopping Virtually Impossible

Felicia Van Every Article, Video

Next up in our A11y App Review, we delve into a pervasive accessibility concern seen in numerous apps—the lack of labels. This case illustrates how companies may miss valuable sales opportunities by inadvertently excluding users who depend on screen readers. The Challenge: While navigating the CVS app to search for a product, our visually impaired user encounters a lack of …

Allegiant Air App | Lack of Labels on Dates Hault Accessibility

Felicia Van Every Article, Video

In this A11y App Review, our focus centers on how screen readers interpret calendars (graphical interfaces, in general) and underscores the significance of clear labels for ensuring usability among individuals who rely on screen readers. The Challenge: While trying to book a flight on the Allegiant app, our user encounters unlabeled dates without context, making it impossible for her to …

Amazon Ads Break Accessibility

Felicia Van Every Article, Video

In today’s digital age, where e-commerce dominates, accessibility isn’t just ethically but financially imperative. According to Nucleus Research’s 2019 Report, The Internet Is Unavailable, “two-thirds of e-commerce transactions are abandoned by people who are blind because of lack of accessibility.” They further state that this could add up to roughly losing “$6.9 billion a year to competitors whose sites are …

Empathy in A11Y Design

Felicia Van Every Article, Video

Step into the realm of mobile app accessibility with our A11Y superheroes. We’ll be regularly releasing a new video dedicated to shedding light on the unique challenges faced by individuals who are blind and who rely on screen readers. This journey will uncover how organizations can improve user experience by adopting accessibility best practices. By immersing your team in their …

Three circles — Voice UX, Accessibility, and Health Tech — merge together to have Inclusive Co-Creation in the middle.

Closing the Disability Gap: Inclusive Co-Creation and Ideation

Oliver Lindberg Article

When Kelly Goto first met Colin Wong in 2016, he showed her two high-profile apps that had recently launched that he couldn’t use: Snapchat and Medium. They weren’t accessible, which meant that he—along with anyone else in the blind community—couldn’t send snaps or consume articles on Medium past the first few paragraphs. It struck Goto that products needed to be …