Accessibility Hurdles: Where Scheduling Takes More Than a Minute

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This A11y App Review examines a previous version of the CVS app and its scheduling feature. It shows how improper widget labeling can confuse users and obscure essential information. Please note that CVS has redesigned its app interface as of this writing, but we still believe the lessons shown in the video are valuable to share.

The Challenge:

Upon selecting the in-person visit header link, the user experiences a redirection of focus to the app’s top menu instead of the scheduling interface. Furthermore, the drop-down for in-person visits is incorrectly labeled as a button, causing confusion. Lastly, the link to schedule an in-person visit is buried at the end of a paragraph in the drop-down content, requiring the screen reader to read through the entire paragraph before users can identify the scheduling option.

Recommended Best Practice:

First and foremost, directly link the header to the scheduler. Then, correct the mislabeling of the drop-down by changing it from a button to a drop-down. Lastly, reorganize the text hierarchy to bring the link to schedule an in-person visit closer to the beginning of the paragraph.

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