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Get paid to participate in research studies!

We couldn’t do it without our participants. The companies that hire us have questions about their products and services – questions that can only be answered by their customers (or potential customers). That’s where you come in. Join our research panel and you can help companies create the products and services that provide what you – and people like you – want and need. Plus, every study is paid.

How it works

  1. Simply fill out a short survey and you’ll be entered into our database.
  2. If it looks like you are the type of person we are looking for in one of our paid studies, we will email a short, project-specific survey to you (about 5–10 multiple choice questions). If you qualify, we will give you a call to ask you a few more questions. Then, if we think you’re a good fit, we will welcome you to the paid study.
  3. Depending on the particular study, sessions last anywhere from 20 minutes to 4 hours (or sometimes a few weeks) and can be remote through your computer or in-person, either at the gotoresearch offices in San Francisco or in a location such as your home, a store, or your car.
  4. You will get paid for every research study you participate in. Payments vary, but usually range from between $25 to $500 a study, depending on whether it’s in-person or remote, and the length and subject matter of the study.


  • The information we collect about you through the surveys you fill out is accessible only by gotoresearch and certain individuals who are bound by a confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement with gotoresearch. We collect information about you via our surveys for our internal purposes only and will not sell or share your personally identifiable information with anyone outside of the company.

  • When you participate in a study, we may ask you to sign a contract giving us permission to publish your picture, first name and personal characteristics either internally with the client, or sometimes publicly. You will always have a say in whether this is ok, and we will never share your likeness without first getting your permission.

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