About Us

gotoresearch is a leading UX strategy and design firm. We provide global companies like Sony, Samsung and Netflix with product and service innovation strategies based on actionable customer insight.

What makes gotoresearch different?

  • We’re deeply curious observers of human behavior.
    gotoresearch is a UX strategy and Service Design pioneer with deep roots in customer research. For over 20 years, we’ve been an industry leader. With research leading-edge ethnography and contextual studies, we’ll provide an accurate–and wider–context for your innovation decisions.

  • We reveal your customers’ biggest secrets.
    With ethnographic-based and contextual studies we gather insight into your customers in the context of their daily lives. With deeper research like longitudinal and diary studies, we discover how they understand, use and feel about your offerings.

  • We deliver deep, actionable insight quickly.
    gotoresearch is faster than market sizing, deeper than a focus group and more actionable than a survey. We build panels, gather raw data, analyze it, draw insight from it and use it to identify your next best product or service opportunities.

  • We put the business value in Service Design.
    Our approach to Service Design is human-focused, insight-based and business-driven. We’ll develop a Service Design strategy and execution plan tailor-made for your particular business needs and audience.

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