Empathy in A11Y Design

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Step into the realm of mobile app accessibility with our A11Y superheroes. We’ll be regularly releasing a new video dedicated to shedding light on the unique challenges faced by individuals who are blind and who rely on screen readers.

This journey will uncover how organizations can improve user experience by adopting accessibility best practices. By immersing your team in their world, you’ll gain insights and empower your designs, ensuring an inclusive user experience. Let’s create a digital landscape where accessibility isn’t just a feature—it’s about creating a space where everyone can navigate, connect, and thrive effortlessly.

Navigating the Amazon Jungle: A Swiping Marathon for Accessible Shopping

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In this video, we’ll embark on a firsthand journey to understand the time-intensive nature of shopping on the Amazon app for an individual who is blind and relies on VoiceOver.

The Challenge:

In the expansive Amazon marketplace, where products are adorned with tags for swift navigation for the majority, we become acutely aware of the time investment required by those dependent on screen readers. Each Amazon product requires navigating through 5-7 links before the next product in the search results is announced.

Recommended Best Practice:

Enhancing this process could significantly improve the shopping efficiency for individuals who are blind or have low vision. Offer a single product-level heading to enable users to swipe between products effortlessly. This simplicity will provide a significantly more accessible and seamlessly enjoyable shopping experience.

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